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Where do VOADs, CERT, MRC, Citizen Corps, Red Cross and other volunteers fit in?

  • Curious about disability demographics in your area, making communication accessible, or holding accessible meetings?
  • Want to better understand the emergency/pandemic needs of local residents with disabilities?
  • Interested in learning more about “access and functional needs” or the “CMIST framework”?
  • Working at a COVID-19 test or vaccination site and thinking about how to make it more inclusive?
  • Looking for strategies to engage with local disability organizations and their constituencies?
  • Thinking about how the Americans with Disabilities Act connects to your work?
  • Want to be even more efficient in your disaster or COVID-19 role?

Take the FREE online training, Prepared4ALL: Whole Community Emergency Planning

  • Available 24-7 via web browser on your computer, tablet, or smart phone
  • Interactive, simulation based role-play scenarios
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Lessons each take 45 minutes-1 hour
  • Lessons have short video intros and handouts
  • Choose only the lessons you want or complete all 8 lessons for a Certificate
  • Topics include:
    • COVID-19 testing, vaccine distribution and people with disabilities
    • Prepared4ALL strategies for stronger collaboration and engagement
    • The effects of disasters and COVID-19 on people with disabilities
    • An introduction to the American emergency management system (for those new to it)
    • Disability demographics and community living
    • Accessible communication and meetings
    • Whole community planning: Access and functional needs, CMIST, and a workbook to guide gap analysis of a local emergency or shelter plan
  • Visit to learn more and enroll today!